From our base at Muskoka Airport , we offer our clients a wide variety of services which include sight seeing tours, power line patrol and much more.  We invite you to look over some of these. If you require a specific job,  we can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

Over a million people come to Muskoka every year to experience its unparalleled natural beauty. You can choose from a variety of aircraft to see the best of every season. Book online and come for a flight with us today!

Tours starting for a group of up too 5 passengers.

Aerial Photography

Our highly skilled pilots are here to look after your needs, whether it's that special event you are filiming or getting that special picture. We can offer you a choice of aircraft, with the option of removing the doors giving you an unobstructed view point.

Fly & Dine Special

The Couples Resort

Join us for a flight to a world class meal. We will fly from Muskoka to the Couples Resort, located next to Algonquin Park. You will dine and enjoy the beautiful views to and from the resort.

Prices start at $2250+ tax for a group of up to four passengers. 

Fire Suppression

We make our aircraft available to the province in support of fire detection and fire suppression.

Our primary tool in fire suppression is the BAMBI bucket, which we use to scoop water from the nearest lake, creek or beaver dam for application to the fire.  Aerial views can be crucial in deploying and protecting resources.


Aerial Construction

Whether its air condition units, hot tubs, or lifting materials to hard reach construction sites Heli Muskoka has the birds, the pilots, and the experience necessary to complete such a mission safely and efficiently.  Heli Muskoka has a wide range of helicopters with varying payload capacities.  With our variety of helicopters, we can carry as little as 600 lbs or up to 2500 lbs.  Our pilots have years of 'precision" long-line experience 

Aerial Survey 

Heli Muskoka, we believe in working openly with our clients: presenting clear procedures and practices which leads to safe, efficient and accurate surveys. This facilitates easy and effective communication when following client-specific safety procedures.


Our pilots have experience in both fixed boom surveys and long line, as well as bird towing. Along with geophysical surveys, Heli Muskoka has worked in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resoures, providing a safe and efficent crew for bioligists to conduct their animal surveys.